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Welcome to JS Containers

We are ready to provide you with a truly unique and exciting building experience!

At JS Containers, we are passionate about using these otherwise abandoned shipping containers to create beautiful, affordable, and environmentally friendly living spaces.

Industry Experts.
With five years experience repurposing storage containers, we know what we are doing. We have plenty of shipping containers for sale, all at affordable prices, so they can be used as a home, an office, a granny flat and even as a shipping container café.

Our Approach.
We are doing this because Australia is manufacturing fewer goods and importing more from overseas. Almost all imported goods are brought in by ships filled with cargo containers. Too many of these cargo containers are left in Australia, untouched and unused. If you see a shipping container for sale, why not…

  • Buy it and have a shipping container office?
  • Or have a shipping container café?
  • Or maybe even a shipping container granny flat to use as a spare living space?
  • Why not create a string of shipping container homes?

Our Aim.
We are giving our current and up-and-coming clients the affordable opportunity to buy shipping containers, because that is our aim: why let perfectly useful shipping containers go to waste, when you can use them as perfect living spaces at affordable rates?

Our Services For You.
Our services range from refrigerated shipping container sales and rentals, to building complete offices, as we have plenty of shipping containers for sale. Whatever your shipping container requirements are, we can help you with them.

For more information regarding shipping container projects, or shipping containers for sale, call us today on 1300 573 552

JS Containers have been designing containers for business purposes including:

  • Change/shower rooms
  • Portable freezer
  • First aid/medical rooms
  • Training facility
  • Kiosks
  • Mobile workshops
  • Mobile kitchens
  • Mobile lounge and bar
  • Marketing displays and centres
  • Site office
  • Portable ATM rooms
  • Skip Bins

What else can JS Containers offer you…

Not only is JS Containers Melbourne’s most reliable shipping container home provider, we also offer other extensive on-site work that can be completed at your property. This service extends to all our former and current clients. If you have a shipping container that needs extra on-site work completed, then we can do that for you. These services include:

  • Welding

  • Painting

  • Installations

  • Modifications

  • Cutting and insertions

  • Plus any other additions that you would like completed.

Shipping Container Homes

Our Shipping Container Modifications

Here at JS Containers, we have the experience and the know-how to modify shipping containers based on our clients’ needs and wants. We understand that individuals and businesses need shipping containers for different reasons, and we want to provide that to all our clients. That is why our modifications options are vast, and more importantly, available at affordable prices for all our clients.

  • Windows, doors and roller doors

  • Painting

  • Lock boxes

  • Ventilations

  • Power points, electricity and lighting installations

  • Insulation services such as air conditioning and heaters

  • Plumbing and water services

  • Partition walls, hooks and shelving

  • Flooring works

  • Ramps, stairs and rails

  • Resizing and creating homes, granny flats, bungalows and living quarters

  • All metal and welding works
For the past few years there has been a rise in shipping container homes for sale and with it, new homeowners looking to buy shipping containers. Why? Because the idea is simple: why let unused quality shipping container go to waste, when you can use them as beautiful and functional homes?

It’s cheaper:
With a host of shipping container homes for sale at affordable prices, our range of container options means that our containers available to anyone who wants to build a house, or add an extension to their current resident.

It’s stronger:
Shipping containers are made of strong durable metal materials meaning it can withstand any extreme weather conditions, are long-lasting and are structurally designed to be sturdy.

It’s comfortable:
Thanks to JS Container’s wide-range abilities, we can create your ideal shipping container home. From bathroom to kitchens, from living rooms to lounge rooms, we can plan, organise and create your ideal home. A shipping container home is exactly like a normal home, you can make it anyway you want.

It’s Eco-Friendly:
When buying a shipping container you are helping the environment by reusing containers instead of letting them go to waste, or letting them be destroyed, which takes up labour and energy.

1. It Helps the Environment

Despite what many people think, very few containers are reused. Many shipping containers are just left there to gather rust and remain untouched.

Every day, more and more containers are being transported (a very large container ships can bring in 15,000 containers in a single trip) to Australia and we have been left with thousands of decommissioned containers.

Every time a container is destroyed, not only does it cost uncounted man-hours, but is hazardous to the environment. Every time a container is left behind, a new one is built, and the constant production is a hazard to the environment.

But by repurposing these containers into a new set of shipping container homes or an office, we are saving monumental natural resources and keeping the environment safe.

2. Resourceful, Durable and Unique!

There is a reason companies put their products inside shipping containers: they are durable, long-lasting and can endure all types of exterior forces.

They are able to withstand extreme weather conditions, from blistering heat to freezing rain, and are both bug and fire proof.

By using a shipping container as a home, or an office, or even as a shipping container granny flat, you are setting up a very safe, secure and long-lasting living space. One that is helpful to the environment, but also secure you with a long term and valuable investment.

With so many shipping containers for sale and so many options available to you, from setting up a string of shipping container homes to crafting out an additional living space, it is impossible for us to provide you with all the finer details on our website.

That is why we are here for you to contact us anytime you want. You can call us on 1300 573 552, email us or you can fill out our online form on our Contact Us tab.

We look forward to discussing your project with you!

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