Container Lockboxes

Today most, if not all, shipping container locks are designed for a padlock security method. At JS Containers, we don’t believe that is enough to keep you or your valuable items safe.

Container padlocks are susceptible to damage and quickly cut with strong bolt cutters. The traditional system does not provide owners with adequate security, so here at JS Containers we provide an alternative solution.

We specialise in installing shipping container lock boxes. Lockboxes use a two-part system to guarantee a reliable and secure locking system. The first part involves welding the lockbox to each door, once closed the padlock is then covered by a second lock. The second lock completely restricts access to the original padlock and prevents bolt cutters ability to cut their way into the container. The entire installation provides an extra element of security, essential when using a modified shipping container as an extra specialised room or storage space.

Our lockboxes have been designed to fit either our custom designed security locks or the standard 45mm padlocks. With the choice, you know you will always be able to protect your modified shipping container from unwanted intruders.

When searching for a shipping container security systems that will provide enduring professional results, contact JS Containers. We specialise in shipping container locks and can adjust systems to your specific requirements.

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