Container Resprays

Sometimes a little colour change can make all the difference. Working on home renovations, it certainly works with modified shipping containers. Recognising this trend, JS Containers has worked tirelessly to create a broad variety of option when considering a respray.

The range of colours, from standard container colours to more specialised tints, ensures that there are plenty of choices when respraying your shipping container.

All our paint products are certified as full grade paints, and they are specifically designed to withstand Australia’s extreme changes in weather. From wild wind and rain to the intense UV heat waves, even one coat of JS Container’s paints provides long-lasting results.

To ensure we create a professional coating and finished appearance, we follow several steps before painting. We will first remove all the rust and loose paint flakes to create a smooth surface and process. Once completed, the shipping container is left to dry for a few hours. Once thoroughly dry you can take your fresh, professional looking container home.

If you are looking to get your shipping container resprayed or have any questions regarding the process, contact our professional team here at JS Containers.

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