Difference Between ‘A’ Grade And ‘B’ Grade Shipping Containers

Here at JS Containers, we have plenty of used shipping containers that are available for purchase. Our containers can be used for homes, offices, home extensions and for extra storage.

Each of our containers are in excellent condition with all doors and locks being repaired. Our used shipping containers come in three grades: A, B and C, and come in three different sizes: 10ft, 20ft and 40ft.

With A and B grade containers being our most popular containers, many of our clients have asked us the differences between the two.

The Differences

Grade A

Grade B

Fully weatherproofed

All minor and major dents across the container are straighten out.

All paint flakes re-painted

All rusty sections are re-painted and smoothed

Container can be externally re-sprayed to the colour of your choosing

Indented areas on the roof container area are straighten out to avoid water pools

Containers are fitted with special padlocks to avoid bolt cutter thefts

That is the difference when it comes to the Grade A and B shipping containers that we have in stock here at JS Containers. To get yours today, all you have to do is contact us directly today on 1300 573 552 or email us on info@jscontainers.com.au.