Door Modifications

When going through the modification process, most owners search request extra shipping container doors installed. The new doors are often in addition to the regular doors traditional containers provide and can bring challenges regarding space or structural concerns. With JS Containers by your side, you know customising your shipping container doors is obtainable.

With expert skills and knowledge, we can craft and carve out space for additional doors. We can also provide custom doors designed for your exact needs and requirements. From double to single doors, our range options ensure that you will find the right door for you. With a wealth of services, regardless of your space or specific requirements, we can accomplish the task for you.

We can install shipping container doors anywhere in your space without damaging the structural quality. All doors will be cut and crafted to your exact specifications. Regardless of if it is a shipping container home, an office or merely an addition to your house, we can install quality doors anywhere.

To discover how you could enjoy an additional door, contact our professional team at JS Containers today. We are available directly on 1300 573 552 or email us at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!