Plumbing & Electrical Installation

For any shipping container to become a comfortable living space, it is vital to maintain ready access to power and water facilities. JS Containers also recognised the need for container lighting and can set up your shipping container with these essential living elements.

With all the equipment and expert skilled team available, JS Containers offers a variety of packages for clients. One of our most popular is the standard set up for a 20ft container. This includes two fluorescent light, a switch, mini circuit board/safety switch and a double powerpoint. We can also alter any shipping container with your particular electrical and plumbing needs.

To maintain power for the newly installed systems, we connect the container lighting and plumbing systems to a weatherproof “Caravan” plug. The plug can easily be attached to the main power system similar a caravan or camping vehicle. We also have a range of different power options, depending on the container permanence with various options for temporary and permanent use.

JS Containers are skilled professionals who provide quality plumbing and electrical installations for your shipping container. For practical and durable results contact us today on 1300 573 552 or email us at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!