Shipping Container Homes Melbourne

Shipping container homes are now the most revolutionizing way for produce a home at the most affordable cost, shipping container demand has increased over the years and people have become more custom into getting the modernized fabrication of the container style.
Construction of a container home is the same as a conventional home where we will ensure the home does comply with all Australian Standards and Building Code requirement. Your home will be uniquely designed by one of experts to reflect your lifestyle, wants and needs.

Questions regularly asked by our customers:

1. What price range will I be looking at for a container home?

Team at JS: Price will be depending on the fixtures and specifications you wish to incorporate, our team can guarantee a 24 hour turnaround on your requested quote you put forward

2. Why would I build a container home and not a conventional home?

Team at JS: A container is environmental friendly and is the safest and strongest product you can use, if you’re also looking for a portable dwelling option then this will be the way to go.

3. What can JS Container offer amongst the rest?

Team at JS: Our director Jason Stanic has 30 year experience under his belt and has been brought raised to live and breathe this. The container product has been passed down from family generations.

4. What is our view on customer satisfaction?

Team at JS: Our belief is to ensure that we generate relationships with our clients not just a transaction, we strongly believe that eliminating as much stress away from our clients is the most critical aspect.

5. How do I go about organizing Council approvals?

Team at JS: We will do this work for you, our dedicated planning team will ensure that they liase with the council to seek the approval for the container home. All we require is a proposed plan of subdivision ( if you will be subdividing ) alternatively a plan of subdivision is sufficient to start up. You also have the option of organizing your planning permit requirements