Shipping Container Homes for Sale

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Recently, container homes have become an attractive alternative to traditional living options in Australia. As a result, there has been a boom in shipping container homes for sale.

The concept is simple, we take used shipping containers without a use and repurpose them into beautifully functioning homes, that can be placed anywhere. At JS Containers, we have plenty of shipping container homes for sale, and we can make any container feel like your new home with our innovative designs.

Shipping containers provide a variety of advantages when developing container home designs. Some of the key benefits include:



Shipping containers are designed to be stacked on top of each other while holding cargo weighing hundreds of pounds. They can also withstand harsh environments and when maintained, do not rust or break. Although small, these bunkers are robust and safe. They are also built to be supported by their four corners, making their foundation sound and simple.


When you compare the price of building a house from nothing to developing a shipping container house plan, the container house is almost always cheaper. The boxes are available all over the country at a relatively low price, while their modular shape makes the design process quick and easy.


At JS Containers, we develop your container house designs to your exact specifications. We can fully insulate your shipping container, as well as add heating and cooling elements. We also include windows for natural light and sliding glass doors to make your container house feel open and roomy. You also have the option of installing an indoor or outdoor shower, accompanying a full bathroom. We can include a living room sofa that transforms into a bed and install a fully equipped kitchen with a full-sized refrigerator.

We want you to love your new container house, regardless of its purpose, so we do everything we can to make it perfectly comfortable for you.


One of the main reasons people find container houses so attractive is how green and eco-friendly they are. With so many shipping container homes for sale, why not purchase one and save hours of labour building your own designs from scratch.

You may be sceptical about how a large steel box can be eco-friendly. However, it takes more work and energy to melt them down than to re-purpose them into container houses.

Since these boxes are built to keep cargo safe, they are designed to be weatherproof and very little energy escapes out of them. If you are passionate about sustainable living, we will design your home to be as green as possible. Contact us today to discover the many benefits of using a container house.

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