Shipping Container Modifications in Melbourne

At JS Containers, we offer a broad range of shipping container modifications. We also convert shipping containers for all our current clients and future customers. Our services are provided at both affordable and competitive rates so that anyone can access modified shipping containers.

Please check below to see the range of modifications we offer. To discuss further specific modifications, contact us today.

One of the main concerns, when using your modified container as a living space, is adequate lighting and plumbing systems. If you are thinking of using your space like a home, office or shed, container lighting will be one of the first modifications required.

At JS Containers, our team and work site are fully equipped to set up your container as a fantastic living arrangement. Typical set-ups for 20ft containers include installing two fluorescent lights, a mini circuit board with safety switch, light switch and a double power point.

All container lighting and electricity systems are installed connected to a weatherproof “Caravan” plug. Accessed from the outside of the container, you can easily plug in an extension for permanent or temporary use.

JS Containers can also re-spray containers in a host of different colours, including standard container leasing colours. JS Containers team first removes all rust and loose paint flakes before respraying to ensure a professional finish. All paint products used are certified as full marine grade paint.
When looking into shipping container customisation, one of the features we recommend, is installing shipping container air vents and a whirlybird. If you intend to keep your container in very hot or humid conditions, a venting system will ensure the interior is not unbearable.

A whirlybird and vent system can be added to the roof line of any shipping container to guarantee flowing air into the container. The air movement will help keep both you and your items or products fresh and cool.

All Whirlybird and vent systems are completely weatherproof and capable of being installed on outdoor containers.

All shipping containers are built to be locked with a padlock. Unfortunately, padlocks for shipping containers are susceptible to damage and can be cut off with bolt cutters.

At JS Containers we offer lock boxes as a secure back-up. A two-part system, the shipping container lock box has one part welded to each door. Upon closing the padlock is then covered by a second lock, which prevents bolt cutters gaining access to the latch. Our lock box has been designed for use with both our custom designed security locks and standard 45mm padlocks.

For a comfortable prefab shipping container home, certain modifications need to be considered. Whether a home, office or shed, a window for extra light is essential to turn a container into a useable space.

We offer complete installation of windows for shipping containers. From design and crafting to installation, we can manage the entire process. We also offer the option to install windows with security screens for as an added safety measure.

When using a container as a storeroom or as extra storage, we can install additional shelving options. This allows you to maximise the storage space of your new container. We have a broad range of container shelving options at adjustable shelf heights. All shelves provided are in a variety of styles and colours, suited to all interior requirements or tastes.
When modifying a shipping container, we provide a range of options for entrances. We can custom designing the shipping container door to personalise the finished space. We can also install additional doors without damaging the structural quality of your container.
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