Whirlybird and Vent Installation

Melbourne is renowned for its erratic and unpredictable weather. One of the main benefits of a modified shipping container is their ability to endure all weather conditions and remain standing. However, for hot and humid days, JS Containers recommends installing shipping container air vents.

Our Whirlybird and vent systems can be added to the roof line of any shipping container to increase the air movement within the container interior. This process will ensure that both you and your products remain consistently fresh during the warmer Melbourne months.

Our shipping container air vents and whirlybird systems are weatherproof, ensuring their durability. Once installed the systems can withstand not only humid and hot weather, but also the cold and heavy rain.

During an efficient installation, your whirlybird or vent is installed on the top of your roof with minimal fuss or impact to your shipping container. We ensure that we do not disturb you during the process and that it results in no significant structural alterations.

If you are looking to get an effective whirlybird or air vent installed in your shipping container, then we are the right professional team for you. To get in touch with us, contact us on 1300 573 552 or email us at info@jscontainers.com.au.